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4 Rules for Designing a Logo

small business Jul 23, 2018


Consider Your Business name

A logo needs to represent your business, obviously! You’re going to want to have the business name somewhere in your logo. If the name is long, you might want to consider abbreviations or only part of the name.

You also have the option of using your design to show what your business is doing. You might not need a lengthy title to explain it.

A successful logo doesn’t have to convey a lot of information about your business. A successful logo helps people remember and quickly recognize your business instead.

Designing With the End In Mind

The most important thing to think about when designing your logo is where this logo is going to be displayed:

Will it mostly be in your emails?

Will you have it on business cards?

Will it be printed in advertisements or displayed online?


These questions are important because where your logo is displayed will affect what you can put on it.

The design rule of thumb is to always design for the ...

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10 Things You Need for Your Home Office

1. A Desk or Other Space


This may seem obvious, but you really do want a work space separate from your regular living space. Working from the couch can limit your productivity, and might not offer you the most comfort or the space that you need to be efficient! Which brings us to our next point…


2. A Good Chair


That’s right, where you sit MATTERS. Make sure that your chair fits your body! You want to have back support without cutting off the blood flow to your legs.

If you are particularly short or tall, we recommend sitting in a chair before buying it, so you know what is comfortable. You also have the option of picking up and exercise ball as a chair - they even make chair frames for them so you don’t have to worry about accidentally rolling away.

3. A Proper Computer Setup

Previous posts have suggested having at least a laptop and a second monitor; and here we’ll expand upon that. Whatever your typing on - you want it low enough...

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Home Office Deductions

Do you ever work from home?

Do you have a separate space at home designated for regular & exclusive business use?

Now just to be clear….. We’re not talking about the kitchen table or your guest bedroom!

We’re talking about a separately defined space in your home where you only work on your business.   If this applies to your business operations from home...  then you may be entitled to deduct the expenses for the percentage of square footage your home office occupies.

I was surprised to learn (and you may be too) just how much you can save…. The IRS says this tax deduction brings self-employed persons who qualify, an average tax savings of $3,000 each year!

Okay, so how do we get this deduction?  You can claim the deduction one of two ways outlined below....

Regular Method

You can deduct a percent of your actual expenses based on the portion of your home devoted to regular & exclusive business use.  Included in the...

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5 Helpful Additions to Your Home Office

We strongly recommend that you check and or purchase from where you can find competitive pricing and reliable reviews. We do not receive any service or benefits from Newegg for this recommendation.

  1. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)


A UPS is a continual energy source that provides emergency power when your main input source goes out. They provide near instant protection from power interruption, outages or surges, at least several minutes, allowing you to save data and shut down your devices.

They are frequently used to protect databases, sensitive work information, and general productivity, and have a large range of sizes and utility.

There are small and portable versions which are a great starter option. You’ll want to make sure you can at least plug your computer, monitor, and internet router into the UPS, allowing you to save your work in the case of a power problem. If your situation includes multiple employees, you’ll want to...

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