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4 Rules for Designing a Logo

small business Jul 23, 2018


Consider Your Business name

A logo needs to represent your business, obviously! You’re going to want to have the business name somewhere in your logo. If the name is long, you might want to consider abbreviations or only part of the name.

You also have the option of using your design to show what your business is doing. You might not need a lengthy title to explain it.

A successful logo doesn’t have to convey a lot of information about your business. A successful logo helps people remember and quickly recognize your business instead.

Designing With the End In Mind

The most important thing to think about when designing your logo is where this logo is going to be displayed:

Will it mostly be in your emails?

Will you have it on business cards?

Will it be printed in advertisements or displayed online?


These questions are important because where your logo is displayed will affect what you can put on it.

The design rule of thumb is to always design for the LOWEST resolution your logo will be displayed at. For most of you, this won’t be a difficult problem, printing business cards will likely be the lowest resolution design you have.

Printed advertisements may be a lower resolution than your business cards, if you take this advertising route. Newspaper ads will definitely be a lower resolution.

While it’s unlikely, it’s good to note if you think your logo will ever be displayed via projector on a screen (think about being in a classroom), then that will be your lowest resolution to design for!

The Wonderful World of Color

It can be very tempting to use every color under the sun when making a logo, but SIMPLE IS BETTER. The fewer colors you use, the easier the design will be.

Fewer colors will also mean that reproduction of your design will be less expensive!

A great way to check that your logo (and your website, or any other media product) will be viewable by people with colorblindness (there are a total of 4 types!) you can use this website to see what your designs will look like:


Here you can find a color wheel that will allow you to pick different colors based on their relations to each other:


Placement is Key!

There are plenty of places to leave your mark, but where are the best places for you to use your logo? Here are some great places to start with you branding:

  • Email signature
  • Business card
  • Business location
  • Advertisements/Marketing
  • Website


Valuable Resources

There are a ton of services out there that will give you a logo, give you an entire designed website, and even do you social media up for you, but you should definitely start out with just one things.

Here are several website that can help you design your logo:


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