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Rediscover your WHY

We see you... small business owners

We know how demanding and stressful and hard it is to be self-employed.

We know how exhausting, frustrating and rewarding being your own boss can be.  We also know that carrying around that stress can negatively impact all aspects of your life, not just your business!   

And we know that when we're stressed.... how hard it is to stay inspired and focused on your passions and goals.

So we wanted to take a minute to share with you a stress reduction exercise that we do when we're feeling completely crushed by the overwhelming weight of the responsibilities of being self-employed...

So.... Whether you started your business 10 years ago, 10 months ago, or you've just come up with 10 ideas for your first business, we want to give you some strategies that work for us when we're feeling burned out and uninspired.

Whenever we're feeling like we can't keep up our head above water, it helps for us to go back to happier times.....

So, we want to take you back to the beginning.... Back to where it all started.....  Back to the time when you were sooo passionate about your work and enthusiastic about your mission.

Do you remember it?  Can you feel it?  

Do you remember when it was exciting that your phone was ringing?  Or when you looked forward to going to the bank?  Do you remember when you loved the learning and the growth that came with being a new business owner?  Do you remember feeling free from your job?  Free to make your own mistakes?

Do you remember when you lost that excitement and enthusiasm?  Do you know what happened to it? Where it all went?

Well we've put together a few questions that we like to ask ourselves when we're feeling a bit run down and defeated...  

They always seem to help us remember our rookie business owner selves...

Now this exercise might seem a little odd at first, but after you've gone through it... We promise you will feel happier, more inspired and less stressed. 

So..... Why are you self-employed? 

Why did you make that first leap and start your small business?

What did you want to do? Why did you want to do it? 

Who did you want to do it with?

Who did you want to work with?

Who did you want to work for?

Were you following a dream? If so... what was it?

Were you looking for more flexibility? Did you want more freedom?  Did you want to spend more time with your family?

Did you want to make more money?

Well..... How's that going for you?! Be honest!!

Is what you wanted from your business still there?  

If not.... What keeps you going?

WHY do you keep showing up every day? 

Are you still following your dreams?

Take a moment to write down your answers. Hold the judgment at the door.  Be kind to yourself.  This exercise is designed to raise your awareness, to check in with yourself.

It doesn't matter how you record your answers... But it really helps if you record them...  It can be on a list, it can be a quick paragraph.... It can be a google doc, chicken scratch on a napkin, a blog post of your own...

But once you've recorded it, take a minute to reflect.  Let it sink in. 

And when you're ready... Share it.

Share your answers with your family, share them with your team, share your why with your close friends, talk to your clients/customers/referral sources and prospects about your why.  

Remind people what you're doing.  And why it's important to you.  Ask them to help hold you accountable.... to stay true to your why.

Then post your reflections somewhere you can see them.

Somewhere they will remind and inspire you.

If you're anything like us... This simple exercise will motivate you. This simple exercise will energize.  This simple exercise will help you focus on what is important.  And this simple exercise will keep you on track.

This is your WHY.  

You can call it your mission statement, your raison d'etre, your battle cry, but it is a part of you.  It is a part of your business.  And you owe to past, present and future yourselves..... to stay true to this WHY and to fight hard to hold it near.

This WHY is what will bring you success.

What makes your business different than every other business is one very important secret ingredient...... YOU and WHY you do what you do...

Your why is your indomitable spirit.  

You made the choice to be self-employed for a reason.

Recognizing and remembering that reason will provide you with more focus and inspiration than anything anyone else can tell you.

Now....  Go out and do what you do best.... 

Remember your purpose, follow your passion, stay true to your virtues and you will go far...

We're proud of you.  We're rooting for you.  You've got this!

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