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General Small Business Resources

While every small business is unique there are many small business topics that traverse industries. These three sites host a plethora of information and ideas for small business owners.

Accounting Solutions

It’s no secret that we are firm believers in good books. In fact we believe it is often the difference between those businesses who succeed and those that don’t. Here are some ideas for bookkeeping software.

Our favorite bookkeeping software for small businesses is Quickbooks Online. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for a discount!

Neither YNAB or are tailored to businesses but can be a good place to get started gathering your financial information (for FREE).

Payroll Solutions

Gone are the days where your only payroll option is a bigbox name who overcharges and under delivers. Now you have AFFORDABLE, easy-to-implement options available. Whether that means you are wanting to be hands on or hands off. We do offer partner discounts for both IOP & Gusto, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Document Storage Solutions

Keeping your documents organized, easily accessible, and secure is essential for any small business owner. Finding the right storage system will depend on your needs- here are some of our favorites.

Google Drive is a secure, reliable and easy to use document storage program. If you have a gmail account or G Suite account, you might already have a Google Drive account ready for you to use.

Sharefile is a collaborative file sharing and storage system with some of the best encryption in the game. In the financial industry- Sharefile has become a standard for storing and sharing sensitive documents.


Sometimes when you quit your job and are running your own business, things get tight. We understand. Unfortunately, sometimes there are loan sharks out there preying on vulnerable small businesses. So we’ve put together this list for you to reference if you ever need a capital boost.

Marketing Courses

Frustrated from another flopped campaign? Sick of trying to figure things out on your own? Ready to save time and money? Click below to learn from marketing professionals!

Email Marketing

The easiest way to market your business is to market it to your existing fans & customers. Whether that means launching new products, sending out exciting announcements, reengaging stale customers, or just sending out promotions for an influx of cash. We like both of these sites for engaging with our customers.


Credit-both maintaining it and using it are very integral parts of building a business. Make sure you're keeping your credit in good standing with these tools.


Sometimes your best spend on marketing is not your money, but rather your time. Connecting with other business owners, members of your community and future clients by joining a civic organization or volunteering for local non-profits can be more rewarding, and we believe more effective for getting your name & your business out in your community.

Connecting with Other Entrepreneurs

Connecting With Your Community


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